About Bible Word Search Books

Have Easy to Read Meaningful Bible Word Search Fun Today! Over 65 word search book editions to choose from between Large Print and Regular Paperback sizes. There is more to life then binge watching movies and playing video games. Rediscover the Bible of your belief with word search books based on either the Catholic Vulgate or King James Bibles. Two editions to choose from in Large Print of Regular paperback:

How his Bible Word Search Fun book series start … a friend approached him and asked him for a “Bigger Favor” for her Mom. Her Mom was wondering if he could do a word search book based on the Bible? Well, he thought about it and finally figured out how and what seemed an easy task took far longer than seven days, more like seven months to get the first book in the New Testament Word Search Books series published. His goal is to publish one book a month between the two series of the Old and New Testaments and Large Print versions too. Even though this is a lot of work for him in his spare time because he works full time, somehow with the grace of God, he seems to be doing it. Joe finished the King James Versions of the 8 book “New Testament Word Search Books” series in 2016, and is up to book 17 in the 24 book “Old Testament Word Search Books” series with 6 books to go in this Old Testament series.

In 2016 a Catholic Friend asked if Joe could create a Catholic Word Search Book series. So to keep the Catholic series separate from the 2 KJV series, Joe finished the 8 book “Catholic Bible Word Search Books” series by Job Wocoski completed the series in 2017.

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