Catholic Bible Word Search Fun! Book 1: Gospel of Matthew

Catholic Bible Word Search Fun! Book 1: Gospel of Matthew

Catholic Bible Word Search Fun! Book 1: Gospel of Matthew
Series: Catholic Bible Word Search Books, Book 1
Genre: Catholic Bible Fun!
Tag: Catholic Word Search Books
ASIN: 1530700264
ISBN: 1530700264
Discover a Fun and Meaningful Bible Word Search book for all Catholics to enjoy the Gospel of Matthew; now Catholic teens, adults and seniors can have fun discovering the meaning of the words of Jesus.
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About the Book

Get this fun and meaningful word search book to enjoy the Gospel of Matthew in this first book of the series.  Like the 12 Apostles there are 12 words, for you, to find and enjoy in the Bible verses on each game page.

Take a Look Inside this first book in the series, to discover a whole different way to have Bible fun with your family! Great fun for you, your family and friends, and all the members of your congregation!

Now you can have fun and enjoy meaningful word searches of the Gospel of Matthew while learning about the ministry of Jesus from his baptism by John the Baptist to his death and burial and the discovery of the empty tomb:

Have meaningful word search fun and enjoy discovering and learning about:

  • The Baptism of Jesus and his early ministry by word and deed in Galilee
  • The Sermon on the Mount and his first discourses
  • The three miracles and his mission and suffering
  • The parables and teachings of Jesus on the kingdom of heaven
  • The Confession of Peter and why he was chosen as the “bedrock” of the church
  • Jesus’s Second Coming, the Passion and Resurrection

Start this fun book series, today, with  Book 1: Gospel of Matthew an discover it is filled with meaningful biblical word search fun for you, your family, friends, and all the members of your congregation!

It’s time for you to help spread the word  and share the Bible in a whole new fun way, get a copy today for yourself, family and friends and start your meaningful word search fun trip now! Have Fun!

Thank you and God Bless,
Joe Wocoski

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