Fair Use & Privacy Policy

Fair Use & Privacy Policy


Please read the following Copyright, Fair Use and Face to Face Teaching Rules for my Bible Word Search Books, so your church and Bible Study Group can have inspirational and meaningful fun.

I am starting a Church Honor Role list on http://www.biblewordsearchbooks.com If you would like to have your church and bible study group listed on this Church Honor Role list, please use the Contact form or send an e-mail to joe@biblewordsearchbooks.com

Please include: Church Name, Street Address, Church Contact Person and their e-mail address, for verification of listing.

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Joe Wocoski on July 12, 2017


Summary of the Law Concerning Public Schools, I believe this applies to: Church Schools and Bible Study Groups, Parochial Schools, and Other Religious Organizations.


Copyright is the legal protection that gives to the owner of the copyright the ability to control the public distribution of a creative product. Copyright does not protect ideas, but rather it protects the expression of ideas embodied in creative products, such as literary works, music, artwork, and motion pictures.

Copyright law gives to the owner of the copyright the right to control:

1) the reproduction and distribution of the creative product;

2) all works based on or derived from the creative product;

3) public performances and displays of the creative product; and

4) the sale of the creative product.

Copyright law recognizes certain education-related exceptions which protect a teacher’s ability to use copyrighted materials in the classroom to benefit students. The two most important education-related exceptions are “fair use” and face-to-face teaching.


The use of copyrighted materials for a public purpose may be considered “fair use” and not a copyright violation. Among those settings where the use may be considered fair use is the classroom setting, serving the public purpose of instructing students. In order to determine whether a particular school use is fair use, four factors should be considered:

1) how the work is being used (consider: is it being used to teach students?);

2) the kind of work being used (consider: is the work informational or creative? – creative works may receive greater protections);

3) how much of the work is being used (consider: how much of the work is being copied, and how much of the substance?); and

4) the economic impact on the owner of the copyright (consider: is the creator of the work losing out on profits, or losing the ability to publish or present the work in his or her own way?).


1) copying materials to substitute for the purchase of individual materials;

2) copying “consumables” (e.g., workbooks);

3) charging students more than the cost of the copy;

4) copying without notice of copyright; and

5) excessive copying (e.g., copying whole books).


Use of copyrighted works is not an infringement of the copyright when used during face to-face instruction if:

1) it is conducted by a teacher or student

2) in a classroom or similar place

3) during class instruction that is not transmitted

4) and is of lawfully made works.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me using the contact form on this website, or you can send an e-mail to joe@joewocoski.com

Posted by Joe Wocoski on February 1, 2017


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